Reimagined fan engagement experience with all new parameters to measure batting quality


Use the Spektacom App to analyse, compare and improve your performance


Understand the science of batting, follow your favorite players and watch them grow


Real-time modelling of shot behavior helps provide more meaningful insights to students

Small & Lightweight

Non-intrusive and ultra-lightweight compact sensor design

Universal Design

Sticks to any regularly sized cricket bat and can be charged wirelessly using compatible wireless chargers

Real-time Insights

Instantaneous access to swing profiles and advanced batting analytics

Always Connected

Leverages Bluetooth Low Energy to deliver insights to users and broadcasters reliably

Install Spektacom PowerBat Sticker on the backside of your bat.

Download the Spektacom PowerBat App from the App Store or Play Store.

Sign up and register your sticker in the App.

Start receiving insights and improve your game.

How to Use

Download the App


Wondering how to improve your batting?

Wanna play like a superstar?

What are you waiting for?

Convert every shot you play into a powershot with Spektacom PowerBat

Compare your shots and techniques with that of your favourite cricket players.

Playing cricket

Want to enhance the fan experience in Cricket?

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Welcome to Spektacom PowerBat – enabling a new paradigm in performance enhancement and fan engagement in cricket

Never before seen analysis on batting performance

Objectively analyse every shot from the batsman’s angle

Easy integration options with broadcasting applications

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Want to analyse every aspect of your bat swing?

Want to keep a tab on your batting form?

PowerBat provides real-time analysis on your batting performance.

Coupled with ball-by-ball statistics and video recording, it provides a holistic analysis of your swing profile.

Compare and contrast against your previous sessions to keep a tab on the performance.

  • Set batting goals with your students and track the metrics in real-time.
  • Remotely track and analyse the performance of your students
  • Analyse their performance against different bowlers and bowling types.
  • Complement your coaching analysis with technicals on bat speed, twist, timing, and swing profiles.
  • Record the practice session with videos and performance data.
  • Export the data to do deep dive analysis.

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