The form factor was very important while designing the sensor equipment. The team wished to create a non-intrusive IoT device that could provide real-time data. The objective was to create a solution that was convenient and did not affect the game of the player in any way. The sticker is extremely light weight and can be instrumented to any cricket bat to make it a “power bat”.
The Power Bat is designed to capture precise, detailed information describing each swing and shot made by the bat. The information is collected using sensors mounted on to the bat shoulder through a non-intrusive sticker. The data recorded is then transmitted to an app or nearby mobile device / laptop using Bluetooth, which sends data to the cloud. The data is then analyzed and retrieved on the same app / web application. For live broadcasts, we use an Azure Sphere-powered stump box which sends data in real-time and securely to the broadcast booth.
Cricket is often considered to be a batsman’s game, but there isn’t much data available for the shots played by the batsmen. While such data is available for bowlers in terms of speed, spin angle, swing and contact with the pitch; Spektacom for the first time aims to provide viewers an opportunity to appreciate the quality of shots taken by batsmen across four dimensions – velocity of the swing, impact location, bat rotation and overall power of the shot.
Yes, the sticker installation is very simple. Simply peel off the sticky tape behind the sensor sticker, place it on the bat shoulder and press. You can then cover it with any decorative or brand sticker of your choice. The sticker can be recharged using any wireless charger available off-the-shelf.
The sticker contains an inbuilt rechargeable battery which can last for days. For recharging, users can simply use any off-the-shelf wireless charger. The current version of the sticker can be fully recharged in 90 minutes, but this is continuously being improved.
The technology debuted with Star Sports as a part of the IPL with the Power Shot Challenge that showed commentators the possibility of the technology. It was subsequently tested at the Tamil Nadu Premier League. National / International players like Abhinav Mukund, Arun Karthik, Kaushik Gandhi used it during the entire TNPL tournament.
The Spektacom sticker is a result of consistent research and development where we have considered several factors affecting the performance of the device during on-ground plays. The sticker is cold pressed and sealed in a way that it becomes 100% resistant to dust and moisture and stays intact till the bat lasts. The sticker has already been tested in live match conditions by players during the Tamil Nadu Premier League. Over 50 bats were used extensively for practice and live games during TNPL and beyond. All of them have endured the rigors of the game and still going strong.
Sky is the limit! The initial offering is focused on cricket and subsequently, Spektacom will venture and introduce similar technology to other sports such as hockey, golf, badminton and indigenous sports like Kabaddi.

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