Your Cricket Bat Sensor will be Your Next Cricketing Buddy

If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.
Peter Drucker, a renowned expert in modern management

If you need to compete at the highest levels of Indian cricket, you need to pass a stringent Yo-Yo test. It is a gruelling routine of sprints and recovery runs, performed at set distances and at reducing time intervals, to benchmark your fitness and endurance level. If you are a fitness freak, you measure and benchmark your exercise routines, calories, and diet intakes. If you are a productivity freak, you measure your task outputs and benchmark it against a specific time interval.

What’s common in all these examples? The need for a metric to track, analyse, set goals, and achieve the desired outcomes.

Intelligent gadgets like fitness bands or smartwatches help you to keep a tab on your physical activities, even while you continue your daily routine. It is like your fitness buddy that works round the clock until the battery drains out or you switch it off.

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Whether you are in the net practice or playing a competitive game, a Cricket Bat Sensor is just like your fitness band, that keeps working in the background, while you continue swinging your bat on the pitch. The data from the bat sensor helps you to objectively measure your shot, build your batting profile, understand the gaps in your technique, set goals, benchmark your score, and prepare plans to meet your expectations.

Upskill to Stay Relevant:

In the last few decades, cricket has become a highly competitive sport. Whether it is an international match or domestic or even a gully cricket, there is always a large pool of highly skilled cricketers available for selection. Naturally, expectations are very high from all the stakeholders.

In today’s context, a couple of poor performance with the bat or a low aggregate score in a series is good enough to push a highly talented cricketer from the playing XI to being benched or seeing an exit from the squad. Staying on top of the game, anytime you hit the field, has become a prerequisite to extending your career as a batsman.

In such an intense competitive landscape, becoming aware of your batting technique is the first step in your self-improvement cycle. Understanding your strengths and working on the weak-zones help you to continually upskill your game. The core to this routine is baselining your measurement parameter and staying ahead in the learning curve – practice, measure, set a new goal, and improve.

Practice Loop

If you are an aspirant to play at the highest level, the path from passion to profession is the road towards excellence.

Unfortunately, mediocrity has no takers in the modern version of the game.

Cricket Coaching is Personal Yet Ubiquitous:

One of the evolutions in the cricket coaching landscape is the transition from mass coaching drills to more personalized and player focussed coaching plans.

Just like the role of a personal fitness band data to gym trainers, the cricket bat sensor data will help the coaches to continuously measure and monitor your performance, and personalize the coaching plans for you. It will also allow you to self-assess your performance and track your progress against the benchmarks set by your coach.

Whether your coach is near your practice net or sitting on the other side of the planet, it hardly matters, the digital data allows for instantaneous collaboration, viewing, and discussion. 

PowerBat Cricket Bat Sensor – Your Cricketing Buddy:

PowerBat technology has smart sensors that continuously measure, monitor, and map the progress of your batting performance. Every time you swing your bat and play your shot, the sensor activates in the background to analyse all the pertinent metrics that is required for you to dissect, analyse, and synthesis your performance.

If your coach says your gripping is not good, your data will show exactly how much the bat twisted in your hand when the shot was played. Now, you can go to the drawing room, chart your plan to improve your batting grip, and measure the progress you make.

If you are a batsman who works very hard to hit a six, the cricket bat sensor can tell you what is your bat speed and the ball impact location on the bat. This data will help you to play smart by working on your bat timing, rather than slogging it hard the next time.

With advanced metrics like the angles of backlift, downswing, launch, and follow-through, the entire spectrum of your bat swing data is available instantaneously for analysis on your mobile app.

PowerBat App

The next time you swing your bat don’t fret to analyse your performance on the shot. Your cricket buddy will gather all the necessary data during the session to analyse later on your mobile app, while you relax your muscles on the couch.