Spektacom Revolutionising Cricket through AI 

Can a tiny sensor placed on the bottom of a cricket bat know precisely where the ball had impacted on the bat? In cricketing terms, do you know how well have you timed your shot? This is what Spektacom answers, by drawing a batting impact-map, through its flagship product “PowerBat”. 

Impact / Timing is a fundamental to enhancing any batting technique. By objectively measuring how well one has timed the ball, it allows a competitive edge for players to enhance their performance. The sensors and machine learning models on PowerBat provide relevant real-time batting analytics and insights to the players on their mobile app.

Spektacom, along with Microsoft, is working to bring a paradigm shift in batting performance enhancement. In this podcast from Microsoft, renowned cricket commentator Harsha Bhogle narrates how Spektacom enables this transformation in cricket through Artificial Intelligence technology (AI). 

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