JumboSpin: Q&A with Anil Kumble

In the #JumboSpin series, published on Spektacom social channels, Anil Kumble answers some interesting questions from the audience on cricket, leadership, coaching, and tech.

Episode 1 (Compilation)


  • Which was your favourite innings in your cricketing career and why?
  • How much of the game of cricket is 'mind over skill'?
  • What metrics of cricket should any amateur cricketer follow?
  • If Spektacom existed back in your time, which batters would have had the highest power scores?

Episode 2 (Compilation)


  • Why did you choose to be a spin bowler, did you ever try fast bowling?
  • How often do you play cricket post retirement, have you picked up another sport?
  • What should a player do to adapt to all 3 formats?