Reimagined fan engagement experience with all new parameters to measure batting quality

Spektacom Power Bat

Non-intrusive sensor records and stores key batting parameters.


Use the Spektacom App to analyze, compare and improve your performance

Microsoft Cognitive AI Services

Real-time transfer of data from sticker to Spektacom App / APIs through Azure Cloud.


Understand the science of batting, follow your favorite players and watch them grow


Real-time modeling of shot behavior helps provide more meaningful insights to students

Small & Lightweight

Non-intrusive design with dimensions similar to a credit card and weight less than 5 grams

Universal Design

Sticks to any regularly sized cricket bat and can be charged wirelessly using compatible wireless chargers

Real-time Insights

Leverages Microsoft Azure’s analytics and machine learning capabilities to create data models instantly

Always Connected

Leverages Bluetooth LTE or minicomputer – Stumpie – to deliver insights to users and broadcasters reliably

Install Spektacom sticker on to the back side of your bat.

Download the Spektacom App from the App Store or Play Store.

Register and setup your profile – sync sticker with Spektacom App.

Start receiving insights and improving your game.

How to Use

Download the App


Take your cricket fandom to the next level by truly understanding batting techniques of your favorite players in terms of real numbers and figures.

View the Spektacom Power Speks that are integrated into the cricket broadcast in real time and compare the shots and techniques of your favourite players Our strategic partnership with the Star Network – one of the largest sports broadcasters in the world brings Power Speks to all your favourite international tournaments.

Watch your favourite players and commentators battle it out in the Spektacom Powershot Challenge to see who emerges at the top.

Gain the next level of fan and spectator engagement by way of Spektacom’s brand-new parameters about batting – including bat speed, bat twist, shot quality and power!

Microsoft Cognitive AI Services leverage Azure to deliver all the real time data from the sensor sticker to the broadcasters using a dedicated stump box.

Easy-to-integrate APIs enable broadcasters to fit in Spektacom’s data into their existing display programming and channels such as TV, mobile application, web streaming.



Leverage the power of science and technology to improve the art of batting. Get real-time insights into your own playing style with a non-intrusive sticker on your bat.

The sensor sticker uses state-of-the-art Microsoft Cloud infrastructure and AI / Machine Learning techniques to translate each shot into easy to understand batting parameters.

Players can use the Spektacom App to view their own scores in real time and work towards improving batting technique with each playing session.

Compare your own performance against other Spektacom users as well as top international cricketers playing in popular tournaments.

What It Measures



Speed of Bat

Bat speed at the time of impact in Km/Hr


Quality of the Shot

Proximity of the contact point to the “Sweet Spot”



Twist Angle

Bat twist at the time of impact in degrees




A combination score of speed, quality and twist measured in our proprietary unit - Speks

  • Create efficient session plans and define coaching parameters for students using Spektacom’s real-time data generated by AI / Machine Learning modelling techniques which help develop a player profile for each student.
  • Dedicated dashboards provide access to systematically analysed data from the Spektacom sticker which enables a coach to analyse and track overall player performance and improvement.
  • Identify top performers and power hitters and guide them with new data points and coaching angles to improve and match the performance of international players.
  • Monitor practice sessions and access data remotely using the Spektacom App, to always be upto to date with the performance of the students.